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💙ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE SB 1834 Parental Rights in Education before Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022


SB 1834 (Baxley) Parental Rights in Education is being heard Tuesday morning, Feb. 8, in the Senate Education Committee. We need you to now OPPOSE this bigoted anti-LGBTQ+ bill by contacting the members of the Education Committee below. Their emails are grouped below their names for easier cut and paste into your emails.

Recall that we urged you to take action several weeks ago when the companion bill (HB 1557) was moving through the House. Also known as the "Don't Say Gay Bill," this bill is a dangerous political stunt that seeks to stigmatize and isolate LGBTQ+ children, who already suffer from high rates of depression and suicide . It will:

  • Effectively erase LGBTQ+ students, families, and history by banning classroom discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity in elementary and middle schools or at any level “in a manner that is not age-appropriate.”

  • Require all student support training to adhere to the guidelines and standards of the Florida Dept. of Education (DOE). Recall that just weeks ago DOE withdrew its anti-bullying resources intended to help prevent LGBTQ+ youth suicides, raising critical questions about its ability to protect at-risk LGBTQ+ children.

  • To further create more division, the bill creates broad and costly new liabilities for school districts since parents unsupportive of a district's LGBTQ+ youth policies would be given broad powers to sue, including seeking damages and injunctive relief.

  • Teachers will be afraid to provide a safe and inclusive space for all students.

Their emails are grouped for easy cut/paste below and offered in various formats -

Chair: Senator Joe Gruters (R)

(850) 487-5023

Vice Chair: Senator Shervin D. "Shev" Jones (D)

(850) 487-5039

Senator Lori Berman (D)

(850) 487-5031

Senator Jennifer Bradley (R)

(850) 487-5005

Senator Doug Broxson (R)

(850) 487-5001

Senator Manny Diaz, Jr. (R)

(850) 487-5036

Senator Travis Hutson (R)

(850) 487-5007

Senator Kathleen Passidomo (R)

(850) 487-5028

Senator Tina Scott Polsky (D)

(850) 487-5029

Senator Perry E. Thurston, Jr. (D)

(850) 487-5033;;;;;;;;; In addition to your legislator contacts, please remember to spread the word about the dangerous and unjust bills like this one that are being passed this legislative session. Write letters-to-the-editor, op-eds, post on social media, etc. Your voice is your power. Thank you, Jean Siebenaler DWCF Legislative Chair

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