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Lawsuit filed March 11 re: FL Congressional Redistricting Map


This is hot off the press from the Democracy Docket (thanks to Jessica Ransome) --

"Lawsuit filed on behalf of Florida voters over the state’s imminent failure to enact a new congressional map following the release of 2020 census data. The plaintiffs allege that Florida’s current congressional map, which was drawn with 2010 census data, does not accurately reflect the state’s population, and therefore the current districts are malapportioned in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Given the state’s “near-certain” impasse due to gridlock between the Florida Legislature and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), along with the fast approaching 2022 elections, the plaintiffs ask the court to implement a new map using 2020 census data that accurately reflects the state’s population and adheres to the constitutional requirement of one person, one vote."

Read the complaint below. (source

Download PDF • 663KB

Thank you,

Jean Siebenaler

DWCF Legislative Chair

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