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💙ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE SB 450 -- Jury Recommendations in Death Penalty Cases


SB 450 Jury Recommendations in Death Penalty Cases will be heard in its first committee on Monday. We need you to contact the legislators in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee below AND your own Senator to VOTE NO on this bill. Our current law stipulates that a jury must reach a unanimous 12-0 decision for the death penalty. This bill would allow a minimum of an 8-4 decision to render the death penalty in Florida. This is a problem for the following reasons:

  • Florida (and Alabama) sentence defendants to death at a much higher rate than the 27 other states that permit the death penalty;

  • Florida shamefully leads the nation with the most death row exonerations since 1973, meaning that we get it wrong the most and sentence innocent people to die;

  • 90% of death row exonerations in Florida have been in cases that lack a unanimous jury;

  • It goes without saying that sentencing someone to die is a profound and irreversible decision in a criminal justice system that is riddled with errors. We should not get rid of safeguards in this process.

Please contact the following Senators on the Criminal Justice Committee AND your own Senator before Monday and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 450. We should maintain the unanimous 12-0 decision for the death penalty so that we continue to ensure that at least this literal life or death decision is administered in a fair manner. Senator Jonathan Martin (R), Chair (850) 487-5033 Senator Jennifer Bradley (R), Vice Chair (850) 487-5006 Senator Blaise Ingoglia (R)—Bill Sponsor (850) 487-5011 Senator Keith Perry (R) (850) 487-5009 Senator Jason W. B. Pizzo (D) (850) 487-5037 Senator Tina Scott Polsky (D) (850) 487-5030 Senator Bobby Powell (D) (850) 487-5024 Senator Clay Yarborough (R) (850) 487-5004;;;;;;; Thank you, Jean Siebenaler LEGISLATIVE CHAIR, DEMOCRATIC WOMEN'S CLUB OF FLORIDA


State Senator Blaise Ingoglia (R)

Tallahassee #: (850) 487-5011

District #: (352) 666-5707

Florida Senate District 11

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