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💙ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE HB 543 & SB 150 - Concealed Carry of Weapons & Firearms Without a License

All, The permitless carry gun legislation is moving quickly in both chambers and we need you to voice your opposition this weekend! This email contains contact names and emails for the House and the Senate permitless carry bills.

HB 543 Concealed Carry of Weapons and Firearms Without a License (i.e., permitless carry) will be heard in its final House committee on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 8 am ET in the Judiciary Committee. If it passes, it will be ready for its House floor vote. Please contact the House Judiciary Committee members below and tell them you are against this bill. To make it easy, use the same talking points that you previously used several weeks ago when the bill was heard in its first House committee. Please make sure that the Democrats on the committee are included in your contact efforts. They need to be able to show support for their opposition positions.

The Senate companion permitless carry bill is SB 150 Public Safety and it will be heard on Monday afternoon at 3 pm in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. We need you to oppose it in its current form. That is because it contains all of the language of HB 543 but adds it into a surrounding package of legislative school and public safety tools that we might otherwise be able to support. These include:

  • Development of a behavioral threat management process that helps to identify, assess, manage and monitor potential and real threats;

  • Creation of a Florida specific behavioral threat instrument which will help evaluate the behavior of students who may pose a very serious threat to the school, staff, or students, and coordinate intervention and services for the students and parents;

  • Preparation of a threat assessment report from the school’s threat management team that are electronically maintained in a secure and confidential portal;

  • Allowing private schools to establish a Guardian Program and assign safe school officers to their facilities;

  • Requires all law enforcement agencies in Florida to have an active assailant response policy in place with required annual training;

  • Creates the Florida Safe Schools Canine Program that helps law enforcement agencies purchase, train, and care for a firearm detection dog.

As long as this “Public Safety” bill includes permitless carry, we will not be safe. Furthermore, DeSantis and Republicans demonstrate their hypocrisy about safety by forbidding guns to be carried at their own campaign rallies and in legislative and other governing body spaces where their lives could be in danger. Please contact the Criminal Justice Committee Senators below and tell them to pass a true public safety package without the permitless carry language of SB 150.;;;;;;; Please share this Action Alert widely and urge greater legislative advocacy involvement! Thank you, Jean Siebenaler LEGISLATIVE CHAIR, DEMOCRATIC WOMEN'S CLUB OF FLORIDA

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