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Members & Friends,

As you know, the anti-freedom bills HB 7 / SB 300 the “Near Total Abortion Ban” were filed this past week. They deny an even greater number of Floridians the ability to control their own bodies, lives, and futures. While the bills have not yet been scheduled for committee hearings, we fully expect the House bill to be heard this Thursday, March 16 in the House Healthcare Regulations Subcommittee. It will then only have one more committee stop before being heard on the House floor. The Senate bill will follow a similar pattern, probably being heard for the first time on March 20 in the Health Policy Committee. These bills:

  • Ban abortion after 6 weeks before many women even know they are pregnant;

  • Have exceptions for rape and incest, but only before 15 weeks and only if these survivors of violence can present “proof” like a restraining order, police report, medical record or other court order or documentation;

  • Fund an additional $25 million per year to fund anti-abortion fake clinics, where untrained volunteers or staff regularly give medically inaccurate and potentially dangerous pregnancy information and where they are not bound by state and federal privacy laws that prevent sharing that information with others;

  • Mandate that only a physician may perform or induce a termination of pregnancy or dispense abortion-inducing drugs;

  • Prohibit telehealth abortions;

  • Mandate that abortion medications MUST be dispensed by physicians in person and cannot be dispensed through the US Postal Service or other shipping service;

  • Prohibit funding of out-of-state travel for abortions to government institutions.

Please contact the legislators below in the House Healthcare Regulations Committee AND your own legislators. Tell them you OPPOSE this bill and want them to VOTE NO. Tell them you -- like most Floridians -- want the freedom to make decisions about your bodies, lives and futures without interference from DeSantis or any other politician! Charles Wesley "Chuck" Clemons, Sr. (R), Chair (850) 717-5022 David Borrero (R), Vice Chair (850) 717-5111 Shane G. Abbott (R) (850) 717-5005 Adam Anderson (R) (850) 717-5057 Jessica Baker (R) (850) 717-5017 Robin Bartleman (D) (850) 717-5103 Melony Bell (R ) (850) 717-5049 Dean Adam Black (R) (850) 717-5015 Linda Chaney (R), Vice Chair (850) 717-5061 Gallop Franklin III (D) (850) 717-5008 Christine Hunschofsky (D) (850) 717-5095 Jenna Persons-Mulicka (R) (850) 717-5078 Joel Rudman, Dr., (R) (850) 717-5003 Michelle Salzman (R) (850) 717-5001 Kelly Skidmore (D) (850) 717-5092 John Snyder (R) (850) 717-5086 Allison Tant (D) (850) 717-5009 Dana Trabulsy (R) (850) 717-5084;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Thank you, Jean Siebenaler


Tallahassee #: (850) 717-5034

District #: (352) 527-4510

Florida State House - District 23

State Senator Blaise Ingoglia (R)

Tallahassee #: (850) 487-5011

District #: (352) 666-5707

Florida Senate District 11

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