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🌀ACTION ALERT: Boycott Walgreens!


Last Thursday the country’s second largest pharmacy chain, Walgreens, folded under threats from the extremist anti-abortion/Forced Birth movement and declared they will not dispense the legal, FDA-approved abortion pill Mifepristone in 21 states where Republican state attorneys general have promised to shut them down if they do so.

This decision by Walgreens to further cement women’s status as second-class citizens must be met forcefully by each and every one of us. Every day of our silence since last Thursday is another day this bigotry and misogyny is enabled.

Please join us and others in a NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT OF WALGREENS. They must reverse their decision immediately. They must acknowledge that nearly 70% of all Americans believe this legal prescription should be made easily available to all women — and that the vast majority of Americans still support Roe v Wade.

Sign the petition here:, boycott your local Walgreens pharmacy, and share this information widely. Thank you, Jean Siebenaler


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