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Democratic Women's Club of Citrus County

Chartered in 2017 by the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, the Democratic Women’s Club of Citrus County (DWCCC) is a community of Democratic women and men who are visible, active, and vocal in championing Democratic ideals on the local, state, and Federal level. Membership is open to any registered Democrat, regardless of gender identity. 

Democratic Women's Club of Citrus County Purpose

  • To ensure democratic principles of good government 

  • To stimulate active interest in government affairs

  • To provide support for Florida Democrats in elected positions

  • To promote qualified candidates for public office

  • To encourage greater participation among women in politics

  • To increase voter registration and activity among Citrus County Democrats

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What We Do

Advocate for Democratic Issues


Educate the Community 


Identify and Support Democratic Candidates

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Encourage Voter Registration

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Contact Us

PO BOX 1902

Inverness, FL 34451


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