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💙DWCCC - OCTOBER 2022/2023 Membership Drive!

Dear Members & Friends,

Thank you for your support of the Democratic Women’s Club of Citrus County.

We provide our members with valuable benefits and actively develop our Democratic efforts here in Citrus County. YOU MAKE WHAT WE DO POSSIBLE!

Our 2023 regular membership remains at $20 a year. Joining one of our society rates such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg Society, Stacy Abrams Society or Kamala Harris Society provides us with additional financial support that enables us to send our members to state conferences & support community outreach. The Eleanor Roosevelt Society enables us to award two scholarships to two female students who attend any Citrus County Public High School. One $1000 scholarship will be awarded to a deserving female student who plans to pursue a four year college and the second $1000 scholarship will be awarded to a female student who plans to attend a 2 year school to earn a technical degree.

In 2023 your membership will enable us to accomplish so many initiatives:

  • 1. Hosting monthly guest speakers

  • 2. Updating our website

  • 3. Spearhead Legislative alerts to educate and motivate communication with our Florida elected representatives

  • 4. Continue to sponsor our annual “Teacher Supply Drive”

  • 5. Keep our ActBlue account activated to allow for convenient membership & fundraising

  • 6. Support our Eleanor Roosevelt Scholarship Fund

We hope you have benefited from your membership with the DWCCC and will consider renewing (or joining if you are still a friend) at this link:

Your early renewal, which goes through Dec 2023, will help us plan for the next year’s actions to grow our membership & inspire Democratic candidates. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. We’d love to hear your feedback!

In the spirit of truth & Democracy,

Ruth Berg

2nd VP Membership

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