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Contact Our Citrus County School Board - Act Now 😷

Citrus County is in a serious public health crisis. Our students, educators and staff continue to be put at risk in public schools as the latest pawns in a political game that trades facts and lives for political points. A Leon County judge found the actions by the Governor to be unconstitutional. In the wake of that decision, other counties around the state (including deeply red Sarasota and Lee Counties) have made the decision to protect their students. We continue to be frustrated by the lack of a coordinate response (or any urgent response) by Citrus County leadership (School Board, Department of Health and County Commission). Our Citrus County School board appears willing to accept staggering rates of COVID transmission within their school system (within their first 3 weeks) - leaving classes missing half their students and teachers combining classes to account for student and teacher illness and quarantine. Reports of majority unmasked students AND teachers have been reported to us by parents and teachers. It is our opinion that at the very least, CDC guidelines should be followed and a mask mandate should be instituted to mitigate transmission; at the very least on a 6 week basis . Our next school board meeting is on Tuesday, September 7th at 4pm. We urge members of the community to write Letters to the Editor, contact the school board members and, if possible, speak during the open comment period at the next meeting. Address: 1007 W Main St, Inverness, FL 34450

Citrus School Board Phone number:352-726-1931 (ask to be connected)Sandra Himmel, Superintendent Sam Himmel

SHARE FAR & WIDE TO LIKE MINDED FRIENDS & FAMILY!!!! LET'S WORK TOGETHER TO PROMOTE A DEMOCRATIC AGENDA IN FLORIDA In the spirit of truth, justice, equality & democracy... for ALL! From today's newspaper: (this means 7 Marion school employees, 1 former student)


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